Lot’s of new pool equipment these days come with built-in safety features that kick in before serious damage occurs. Sometimes, they can be triggered by false alarms or are indicative of more serious problems. You can sometimes troubleshoot minor repairs yourself, but should contact a repair specialist to properly fix the problem.

Read below for some common solutions to pool problems you may encounter.

Problem: Pool Heater Disabled
Solution: Many heaters will automatically shut down if there is a short in the system to avoid burning up. When one of these safety features is engaged, it’s best to seek profession service to diagnose the problem.
Problem: Pool Cover is Stuck
Solution:Occasionally, pool covers will needs maintenance just as any other mechanical devices. Often the problem is something is jammed or a safety feature on the motor engaged to avoid burning up.
Problem: Pool Cover Ripped
Solution: Smaller pool cover rips are easily fixed with repair kits available at a local pool store. If you still have your manual for the cover, there may be suggestions about the best way to repair it. Larger rips might just mean you have to replace the cover. On automatic pool covers, replacing the fabric is often the easiest solution.
Problem: Pool Filtration System Not Working
Solution:Safety features on the filtration motor may have been engaged, or more often a chemical imbalance exists in the water. A chemical test kit can be purchased affordably from a local pool store which will allow you to test the water. Fixing the problem is best left for a pool professional.
Problem: Broken Pool Tiles
Solution: Broken tile can be replaced by a pool professional.
Problem: Pool Surface is Flaking
Solution: A flaking pool surface can be a sign that a concrete pool needs resurfacing with plaster. This is a time-consuming job that requires a pool professional. Smaller pool surface cracks due to impact can be patched.
Problem: Cracked Pool Surface
Solution: Small surface cracks, usually due to hard impacts, can be patched. More serious structural cracks, are more serious problems that can not be patched. Patched structural cracks will not last and will lead to leaking and erosion. In the worst case, the entire pool may need to be renovated.

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